Peter Gibson-Smith

P E T E R    G I B S O N    S M I T H

1961                        Born Auckland, New Zealand

1980-83                  BFA Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland

S O L O    E X H I B I T I O N S

2008                        The New World  Bath Street Gallery, Auckland

2007                        The History of Future Painting The O’Connell Room in association with Bath Street Gallery, AKL

2006                        Fabrications Bath Street Gallery Auckland

                                Speaking of Tongues  Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui

2001                        Recommended Reading  Anna Bibby Gallery, Auckland

2000                        Backwater Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

1999                        Black Gesso  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

                                Other Gardens  Janne Land Gallery, Wellington                                    

1998                        Simile Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

1997                        360 degree Vision  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

1996                        Bathers  Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui

                                Freaks of Nature James Wallace Trust Gallery, Auckland

                                Bathers and Walkers  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

1995                        Deadringer  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

                                Amazon on a Dying Horse  Fisher Gallery, Auckland

1994                        Transfiguration  Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North

                                Transfiguration - History of the Analytical Machine  Dunedin Public Art              Gallery

1993                        Spanish Riding School  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

                                Transfigurations  Hocken Library Gallery, Dunedin

1992                        The Height of Mercury  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

1991                        Particles of Faith  George Fraser Gallery (Artspace), Auckland

                                Virtual Religion  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

1990                        The Garden of Virtual Reality (Auckland)  Star Art Gallery, Auckland

                                The Garden of Virtual Reality (Wellington)  Last Decade Gallery, Wellington

1989                        Duplex (Auckland)  Star Art Gallery, Auckland

                                Duplex (Wellington)  Timurid Gallery, Wellington

1988                        Origin of a Species  Star Art Gallery, Auckland

1987                        Newtons Pharmacy  Star Art Gallery, Auckland

1986                        Working Parts (Bristol House)  Bristol House, Auckland

1985                        New Paintings  Bristol House, Auckland

1984                        75 Paintings  Kingston Street, Auckland

G R O U P    E X H I B I T I O N S


2005                        Drawings,  Te Tuhi (The Mark) Gallery, Auckland

2000                        Colour  Queen Street Galleries, Belfast, Northern Ireland

1997                        Artist Screens  Gregory Flint Gallery, Auckland

                                with Bill Hammond and Billy Apple

1996                        Visa Gold Art Award  New Gallery, Auckland

                                                                        City Gallery, Wellington

1995                        The Artistic Process  Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

                                Visa Gold Art Award  City Gallery, Wellington

1992                        Fresh Starts  Bath House, Rotorua

                                SITE-Architecture & Perspective  Lopdell Gallery, Auckland

1991                        Young Contemporaries  Hawkes Bay Cultural Centre, Napier              

1990                        Elam Graduates  Charlotte H. Gallery, Auckland

                                Paper Works  curator: J. Bailey, Fox Gallery, Auckland

                                [...] Exuberant, Floating, Dancing, Mocking, Childish & Blissful Art

                                 curator: S. Zepke, George Fraser Gallery (Artspace), Auckland

1989                        Outcrop  Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth

                                Gate, Door, Lintel  Fisher Gallery, Auckland

1988                        X Mass  Star Art Gallery, Auckland

                                Star Art Group  Timurid Gallery, Wellington

                                North of the Bombay Hills  Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth

1987                        Star Art Contemporaries  Timurid Gallery, Wellington

                                X Mass  Star Art Gallery, Auckland

1985                        Red Metro Christmas Show  Red Metro Gallery, Auckland

                                Hot  Red Metro Gallery, Auckland

1983                        In Focus  Auckland University Centenary Exhibition, Elam School of Fine            Arts, Auckland

  1. Elam Painting Students/Staff Group Show  Counselling Service Gallery
Auckland University


2001                        Wallace Art Award

1996                        Creative N.Z. Project Grant

1993                        Frances Hodgkins Fellowship

1991                        QEII Arts Council Grant, Creative Project

1989                        QEII Arts Council Grant, Creative Project

1987                        QEII Arts Council Grant, New Artist Promotion Scheme

P U B L I C  C O L L E C T I O N S

Auckland University, Auckland

Frances Hodgkins Fellow Collection, Dunedin

Hocken Library, Dunedin

Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North

National Library, Wellington

Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui

Victoria University, Wellington



Warwick Brown     100 New Zealand Paintings, Godwit Press, 1995

                                                pp: 28, 1x colour plate

Michael Dunn                          Contemporary Painting in New Zealand, Craftsman House, 1996

                                                pp: 68-71, 1x colour plate & 2x B&W

                                                A Concise History of New Zealand Painting, David Bateman &                                 Craftsman House, 1991

                                                pp: 161, 163 1x colour plate

John Gow                               20 Contemporary New Zealand Artists Vol 4, 2005

& Liz Caughey                        5 pages with 5 colour plates


Warwick Brown     

                                                 Art New Zealand no:                                      

Justin Paton                            Memory and Immersion - Adrift in the Dome with Peter G. S.

                                                Bathers, published by: P. G. S. & The Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui,                                 September 1996

Tim Renner                              War of Dreams, Peter Gibson Smith, Aesthetic Engines

                                                Art New Zealand no: ?? Spring 1995. with 4 reproductions

Linda Tyler                              Speaking of Tongues

                                                Published by: The Gus Fisher Gallery, Centre for New Zealand Art                                 Research and Discovery, 2007                                           


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Richard Dale                           N. Z. Herald, Nov. 15, 1990 (Garden of Virtual Reality)

James Mack                            Wellington Evening Post, October 5, 1995 (Visa Gold Art Award)

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                                                N. Z. Herald, April 10, 1996 (Freaks of Nature)

                                                N. Z. Herald, September 20, 1995 (Amazon on a Dying Horse)

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                                                N. Z. Herald, ?? (Spanish Riding School)

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                                                The Dominion, Nov. 30, 1989 (Duplex)

                                                The Dominion, Dec. 21, 1988 (Group Show)

Chris Trotter                            Free Copy, Autumn, 1994 (Transfiguration)

Linda Tyler                              Otago Daily Times, ? 1993 (Spanish Riding School)

Ian Wedde                               Wellington Evening Post, Nov. 23, 1989 (Duplex)


Charmian Smith                       Otago Daily Times, February 8, 1994

                                                Manipulating Images of Others for Installation

                                                Otago Daily Times, March 10, 1993

                                                Turning Ideas into Images

Sarah Stuart                           Sunday Star, April ?, 1991

                                                Heat on Facsimilie Art

Virginia Were                          N. Z. Art News, November, 2001



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